Ingmar Bergman BluRay (1971)

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24 voting, rata-rata 7,1 dari 10

Ingmar Bergman has been active as director for over sixty years and is one of the most important film artists in the century. His films have gained admiration and respect all over the world. Now for the first time he shows his world at Fårö. On the blue gate is it? Private area Warning for the dog ?. Some dogs have not lived there for more than thirty years, but the text shows that here lives a man who wants to be alone. A man who has the sea and the demons as sole company. In three programs, Ingmar Bergman looks back on his life and his work with film, theater and television: BERGMAN AND FILM starts with Hets from 1944 and ends with Saraband 2003. Here are plenty of clips from Ingmar Bergman’s films. BERGMAN AND THE TEAT takes up some of the 125 performances Ingmar Bergman has directed. The ghosts, Strindberg and the teve are other subjects. In BERGMAN AND FÅRÖ, Ingmar Bergman shows recordings, tells about the childhood that shaped him and lists his worst demons.

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